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De-Stress+ – Stress Relief Tablets

De-Stress+ is a unique blend of scientifically proven enriched herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. They are proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

The “+” signifies advanced formula which increases absorption into your body.

- Stress causes many problems in the body.

- De-Stress+ helps in fighting against biological factors of stress.

- Specially formulated by Doctors & Pharmacologists.

- Take 2 anti-stress pills per day after food.

- Preferably to be taken in the morning & evening with a glass of water, or as per the Physician’s recommendation.

- Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

8 amazing ingredients

Pure, high-quality, lab-tested, effective ingredients sourced from the best locations.

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract

    Is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels by reducing body cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It is known to boost brain function, help alleviate depression and also has multiple other health benefits.

  • Tulsi

    Indian Holy Basil Leaf extract or Tulsi is clinically proven to work in anxiety disorders by lowering stress and depression. It is considered as an adaptogen which promotes mental balance.

  • Jatamansi Plant Extract

    Jatamansi plant extract is clinically proven to have calming effects thereby relieving anxiety. It also helps in lowering mental stress and exhaustion.

  • Magnesium

    It relieves oxidative stress by reducing body cortisol levels. Low magnesium levels are linked with stress and anxiety in men. Magnesium is also important for bones and other vital body processes.

  • Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) Leaf Extract

    Gotu Kola Leaf Extract is clinically known to improve mood in anxiety related disorders. It also helps boost cognitive function, improves circulation and may help alleviate depressive feelings.

  • Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) Leaf Extract

    Brahmi leaf extract with >20% triterpenoid saponins (bacosides), is clinically known to improve cerebral blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety levels, thereby enhancing your performance.

  • Zinc

    It is proven to boost the immune system and is involved in various enzymatic processes in the body. Zinc deficiency impairs immune response and makes a person more susceptible for disease.

  • BioPerine

    It significantly increases the absorption of various herbal extracts vitamins, minerals & other nutrients into the body i.e., increases bio-availability. In the absence of BioPerine, the nutrients consumed may be excreted without being absorbed in the body.

What does the doctor say!

It has been observed that more than 30% of the Indian population is sleep deprived. Sleep is extremely important for proper body functioning. Lack of sleep leads to multiple problems including poor cognitive function, poor memory, inability to focus, poor hair and skin health, increased heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, weight gain, low immunity, amongst others.

Lifestyle modifications like a nutrient-rich diet, adequate physical activity, and relaxation techniques like yoga/meditation will help in getting good sleep. Help in the form of Melatonin supplements is suggested in order to get a good sleep.

Dr. Chaitanya Gali

Stress is a response/change in the body which is both emotional and physical, that occurs in response to a problem or adverse situation. You may feel the following symptoms, if you are under stress:

1. Feeling of losing control.

2. Getting angry, frustrated, restless and agitated.

3. Difficulty in relaxing and focusing your thoughts.

4. You may also avoid others and feel a lack of confidence and loneliness.

Yes, it is definitely possible. You can overcome stress by changing lifestyle habits etc.

No, sleeping pills may cause more harm than good.

Stress leads to various emotional and physical health issues.

DeStress+ are stress relief tablets that are made of a natural composition of herbs and minerals, which have scientifically been proven to have positive and calming effects on the mind and body. It helps to reduce stress and give you a feeling of calmness via multiple mechanisms in the body.