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ForMen Beard comb helps in smoothening & styling your beard. It also helps prevent ingrowing of hair and tangling / knotting. The Neem in this comb also helps in enhancing hair growth with regular usage.

It is made with quality Neem wood & is chemical free. It is a small & compact accessory that is easy to carry in pocket and convenient to use when required.

- Prevents damage to beard hair

- Easy to use

- Helps in preventing in-grown hair

- Helps in distributing grooming products better

- Small to carry and convenient to use

- Made from neem wood

How to Use the ForMen Wooden Beard Comb?

Stroke the comb downwards or in the shape you need your hair to set in.

You can also use it after you apply any grooming product to your beard such as serum, beard wax, or mask.

Et voilà, your hair is smooth, tangle-free, and your product has been equally distributed.

Yes. Usage of the natural Neem Wood ForMen beard comb, helps to straighten and smoothen the beard hair. It is better than a plastic comb and there will be less tugging on the hair.

Regular combs may cause damage to beard hair and underlying delicate facial skin. The teeth of regular combs are also not spaced ideally for beard hair. usage of a natural neem wood comb with ideally placed teeth will help smoothen the beard, prevent damage and enhance growth.

Yes, The ForMen beard comb is made  of natural good quality Neem Wood and is good for the hair and facial skin.

Yes, usage of ForMen beard comb helps reduce the damage to hair and prevents breakage.